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Ollie Parsons is a multi award-winning,  director of BAFTA Nominated narrative TV,  adverts and branded content.


His beautifully crafted work has received much critical acclaim for being visually stunning, funny, dramatic and full of heart.  From the big and silly, to the nuanced and satirical he has very attuned comedy instincts.


People he has directed include: Peter Capaldi, Martin Freeman, Sian Clifford, Guz Khan  David Hasslehoff, Asim Chaudhry, Miranda Hart, Mel and Sue,  Samuel West, Sir Chris Hoy, R2-D2, C-3PO and Lewis Hamilton.


Clients include: The BBC, SKY, ITV, Hat Trick, Tiger Aspect, Avalon, Old El Paso, Nissan, Hyundai, Stowford Press Cider, Comic Relief and Children in Need to name a few. People seem to like working with him.

Ollie has just completed Series 2 of the Martin Freeman Series Breeders. Written by Emmy Winning Simon Blackwell (The Thick of It, Veep, Four Lions, Peep Show, In the Loop)

More About Ollie

Born in Hastings to welder (oil rigs and cars) Peter Parsons and garage proprietor Diane Parsons Ollie’s love of comedy led to him failing all his GCSE’s and ending up working as a carpenter and joiner for 3 years.  He soon realised whilst building roofs on freezing cold council estates that he could no longer spend his time doing left wing stand up to right wing builders and wanted to pursue his  a life in writing and directing.

With a love of film making since the age of 11 when he “borrowed” a super 8mm camera he showed his  films (now aged 18) to a kindly head of a BTEC course in Eastbourne who blown away by his film making let him on the course without the required academic qualifications.

Determined not to end up on a freezing roof again, the work he produced received the highest grades in the country for a BTEC that year. 24 Distinctions out of a possible 24 Distinctions and was of such quality led him to winning National Student of the year and getting into University.

After graduating Ollie spent his time working as Creative and Director in advertising (directing over 100 adverts and promos) - honing his technical skills to a high level, whilst writing stand up and various optioned sitcoms. His first long form Directing TV job was the multi - BAFTA nominated, RTS and Broadcast award winning comedy Man Like Mobeen for which he is credited for writing additional material and associate producing.

Combining his passion for comedy and performance with his visual flair and technical know-how, Ollie  has been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest writers, producers and performers in comedy and entertainment, most recently directing Breeders staring Daisy Haggard and Martin Freeman, written by Emmy Winning writer Simon Blackwell (Veep, In the Loop, Peep Show).

Ollie loves what he does…